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February 1973

Started the production of wooden cornices as one section of Mihasi Techno-Art Co.,Ltd

May 1973

Established Mihasi General Co.,Ltd in Itabashi, Tokyo with a capital of 5 million JPY. Starting nationwide sales in "sunmento" brand

Moved the headquarter to Wako City, Saitama

January 1974

Started the production and sales of Round frame (door frames) and Pula (hollow pipes)

April 1975

Started the production and sales of R-shaped doors

April 1976

Started the production and sales of fashion pipes (steel hollow pipe)

April 1978

Introduced the computerized "Stocks Refer System". Opening the trading section and starting the importation of lumbers

April 1979

Completed the first stage of construction (for about 12,000m²) of the factory. Automated the production of Sunmento

May 1979

Started the construction of the new factory

August 1979

Started the voce reponse inquiry system for inquries and ordering.

April 1981

Opened Nagoya Branch and Tokyo branch in Shinjuku

April 1986

Changed the company name to Mihasi Co.,Ltd according to the CI introduction

May 1990

Opened the first "Woodwork Class for Family" as a part of 20th anniversary event

August 1993

Designated as a "Sai-no-kuni Factory" by Saitama prefecture

August 1993

Established a web page

November 1996

Took over Shimizu factory in Shimizu city, Shizuoka

October 1997

Completed the second stage construction of Tamagawa factory

February 1998

Receive the approval of the Small Business Innovation Method

April 2000

Introduced 3D CAD/CAM

October 2000

Introduced the moulding machine from Germany

January 2001

Introduced the CTI system

August 2001

Opened Mihasi showroom at headquarter

August 2001

Mihasi Enterprise bought some silos, mould machines and CNC machines


 Mihasi Enterprise start running web site and online shopping for selling to local company.


Introduced new production control system

March 2002

Introduced automatic cutting system.

Received 1st international interns (from Taiwan, Venezuela and India)

September 2002

Introduced automatic loading device

October 2002

Introduced 5-shaft NC R-processing machine

February 2003

 Mihasi Enterprise move from old factory to new factory to produce effectively


Received 2nd international interns (from Vietnam)

August 2003

Introduced automatic stocking system

September 2003

Opened the showroom "Sai-no-Yakata" on the 3rd floor in Headquarter

August 2004

Opened the showroom "Mihasi showroom in Aoyama Tokyo"

May 2006

Opened new international factory in Penang, Malaysia

January 2009

Mihasi Enterprise have produced FRP products


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