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A decorative moulding material that can bend easily along a curved surface. Since the flexible material that can fit in any surface. It is coated with hard resin and can be painted to any of your choice color.
  • Specifications

    Product info Sanimoru
    Size 36 X 10.5mm
    Material PVC Resin
    Colour Unpainted
    Purpose Interior








  • Where to use

    • The Home likes Home Theatres, Lounge Rooms, Hallways, Bedrooms and Dining Rooms, you can introduce a decorative panel or have an entire feature wall.

    • The Workplace likes suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, offices, board rooms, function rooms, showrooms, cinemas, health clubs/spas, theatres, beauty Salons, retail stores, window displays, the list goes on. Your business will definitely stand out with a fresh new looks.

  • Note when making the order

    • The material is made from PVC
    • The colour is slightly different according to production lot.
    • Painting using water-based paint is required.
    • There will be slight case of dirt, scratches and dent.
    • Bendable to fit curved surface. Bending dimension will vary depending on the product.
    • Please take note that after installation, there are some cases where a gap will appear due to the shrinkage of the product.
    • Goods are not refundable.
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