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A 3D wall decoration panel is a wall panel that an uneven surface. Possible to realize a pattern of various designs depending on the direction to be pasted, also, you can use depending on the idea, such as decorating the part in several pieces not only fill the whole wall in a variety of locations.
  • Specifications

    Product info 3D board
    Product design Rubik
    Size 500 X 500mm
    Material Glass reinforced gypsum
    Color Unpainted


  • Where to use

    • The Home likes Home Theatres, Lounge Rooms, Hallways, Bedrooms and Dining Rooms, you can introduce a decorative panel or have an entire feature wall.

    • The Workplace likes suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, offices, board rooms, function rooms, showrooms, cinemas, health clubs/spas, theatres, beauty Salons, retail stores, window displays, the list goes on. Your business will definitely stand out with a fresh new looks.

  • Note when making the order

    • Before ordering, please check the availability and the delivery time for the product.
    • Non-defective products are not refundable.
  • Material sample

    Free samples offered but you cannot specify the amount. You can send me your request by email and call us.

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